Disinfectant cleaner. Critical surfaces of collective use.

Day after day, we face lots of situations where the high risk of contact with contaminated surfaces is inevitable. Surfaces like public toilet seats, gym equipments, saunas and others are a huge focus of contaminations due to the high number of users.
The new SUCITESA´s SANIX SURFACES, assures maximum protection against diseases transmitted by contact with contaminated surfaces, due to its excellent bactericidal and fungicidal properties.
Handy and easy to use: wet a piece of paper with SANIX SURFACES using its exclusive dispenser, scrub the surface and let it dry. With this simple procedure the surface will be completely safe for contact.
Its formula based on last generation quaternary ammonium compounds, ensures a higher efficacy as a disinfectant.

Contains a high alcohol percentage, which improves its disinfectant spectrum as well as a it allows a quicker drying effect. 

Cleans and disinfects, eliminating organic dirt, leaving no traces.

Disinfectant efficacy: SANIX SURFACES meets the EN-13697 that certifies its fungicidal and bactericidal properties.