The revolution has arrived to professional kitchens!

At SUCITESA we have developed the new AQUAGEN HOT GRIDDLE, a new hot griddle cleaner (at 200 ° C) that makes griddle cleaning a simple and safe operation.
The new AQUAGEN HOT GRIDDLE descales and dissolves the most charred grease without scrubbing or scratching, simply rinsing with water after its performance for 1 minute. In addition, its powerful formula is a safey ally, once it does not cause splashes or emit vapors that can cause burns. It is 100% safe!



Disinfectant cleaner. Critical surfaces of collective use.

Day after day, we face lots of situations where the high risk of contact with contaminated surfaces is inevitable. Surfaces like public toilet seats, gym equipments, saunas and others are a huge focus of contaminations due to the high number of users.
The new SUCITESA´s SANIX SURFACES, assures maximum protection against diseases transmitted by contact with contaminated surfaces, due to its excellent bactericidal and fungicidal properties.
Handy and easy to use: wet a piece of paper with SANIX SURFACES using its exclusive dispenser, scrub the surface and let it dry. With this simple procedure the surface will be completely safe for contact.
Its formula based on last generation quaternary ammonium compounds, ensures a higher efficacy as a disinfectant.



Next stop: ISSA Interclean AMSTERDAM 2016

Next May in Amsterdam, it takes place tue 26th Edition of the ISSA Interclean, the most important meeting in this field in all Europe, with more than 50.000 m2 of Exhibition and more than 750 manufacturers of cleaning products from around the world.

SUCITESA as one of the ancient´s exhibitors, since the beginning, will be there stronger than ever, with a new independent stand of more 100 m2 in the usual place, the Hall 1 in the RAI complex.

New products, live demonstrations, and a festive stand opened to all needs and nationalities. Our commercial team will be waiting for your visit to show you the wellbeing formula.

Download your free invitation by clicking here:

Amsterdam May 10, 11, 12 and 13. Stand 01.127





New concentrated air fresheners ECOMIX® PURE BREATH !!!

SUCITESA´s EASYMIX® family grows with the two new concentrated air fresheners ECOMIX®: PURE BREATH GREEN TEA and PURE BREATH FLORAL.

These two new concentrated air fresheners with DEODOR technology for bad odor neutralizing are to be used in SUCITESA´s EASYMIX® system. It´s formulation neutralizes bad odor molecules and it leaves a fresh and clean feeling with Green Tea or Floral scents.

The new ECOMIX® PURE BREATH concentrated air fresheners are perfect to keep a pleasant and long lasting effect.

ECOMIX® PURE BREATH GREEN TEA and PURE BREATH FLORAL will be available on the 9th of July. Order it!!!



SUCITESA participates in the third edition of Hygienalia Pulire

The Casa de Campo fairground (Madrid) will host from 27 to 29 October more than 3,500m2 exhibition space that will have the event, and will open its doors having hung the full capacity sign.

Hygienalia+Pulire is consolidated as the largest cleaning exhibition meeting of the sector in Spain, with the participation of 25 foreign companies, also emphasizes its diversity and internationality, improving its position in the European trade fair scene.

SUCITESA attends another edition as exhibitor showing their multiple professional hygiene solutions, among them, the new exclusively devices designed by SUCITESA. It will also participate in the Shine Line workshops demonstrations, novelty of this edition, where will be performed on live the crystallization of different pavements.

The fair expects to receive the visit of more than 5.000 professionals. You can apply for a free accreditation online here* until the 26th of October.

Hygienalia + Pulire 2015, from 27 to 29 October. MADRID

Casa de Campo Fairground

Link TPV Feria Valencia




SUCITESA´s crystallizer’s family grows with the new SHINY-PRO

SHINY-PRO, is a crystallizer with a non-slippery effect, that assures a high shine and protection in all marble, and marble derivate floors. It´s suitable for first time treatments and also for future maintenance. This new crystallizer is excellent for high risk areas of fallings, due to its special non-slippery effect.




SUCITESA presents the new Aquagen DFA Plus that replaces the former Aquagen DFA.

The new Aquagen DFA Plus complies with the EN-13697 that certifies its bactericidal and fungicidal properties.

Its formula based on latest generation quaternary ammonium compounds makes it suitable to use in hard waters and also a higher effectiveness as a disinfectant

Its strong degreasing power due to the alkaline pH, it´s reinforced by the high percentage of alcohol, increasing its disinfectant spectrum.

Regarding the environment, its impact is widely reduced by the use of ecological sequestering agents.

The product´s code is the same as the previous one, adding only Plus to the ancient name, showing clearly this product´s higher performance.





SUCITESA presents the new Bionet Plus that replaces the ancient BIONET.

The new Bionet Plus:

- Meets the requirements of the EN -13697 to disinfect food contact surfaces and equipments and certifies the product´s bactericidal and fungicidal properties.

- Is based on last generation quaternary ammonium compounds that provide a higher disinfectant efficacy, including in the presence of rests of food (protein).

 - Contains a high alcohol percentage that improves it´s disinfectant spectrum and quick drying effect, making it easier to clean without leaving any traces. Especially effective in the cleaning of stainless steel food surfaces and also glassy surfaces.

- It has no colorants, avoiding stains and also changing the color of the surfaces where it is used.

- It has a pleasant odor.

- It quickly dissolves sugars.





New colour in SUCITESA´s automatic dishwashing detergents!

In order to achieve greater stability over time, even in those cases when FIFO is not used, and to reduce the risk of accidents by ingestion, SUCITESA modifies the colour of all the Aquagen Plus Dishwashing detergents range, as can be seen in the image.

We are sure that this small change will further reduce the risks for accidental ingestion and will help to improve the perceived safety of our products.




Besides being the simplest and most versatile dose system in the market, from May SINGLE DOSE will further facilitate the work: each box of product will include the corresponding container applicator, already labeled, for greater users comfort.

The type of packaging and label will come already defined by following the universal system of container applicators, which combines the maximum safety for users with a total control over product consumption.

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